Our Wax

We use the premium Lycon wax to prevent hair breakages, ingrowing hairs, redness and the associated painful sting. Amazingly, our hot wax will remove the short stubborn hair as short as 1mm and our strip wax will remove hair as short as 2mm, leaving your skin soft and smooth with no sticky residue.

Hygiene: see our website for more details on our hygiene procedures
Allergies: Please notify your therapist if you have any allergies.

Hot & Strip Wax Yummy Flavours

Chocolate Hazelnut

“Such a famous wax that all the celebs are talking about it!” A chocolate treat without the calories! It leaves the skin smooth and shimmering making it look and smell good enough to eat!


Removes short or stubborn hairs as 1mm. It contains lavender and chamomile essential oils making it ideal for sensitive skin.


A new generation, high tech, ultra flexible and strong white wax. Contains coconut oil and Lycon’s latest and unique titanium dioxide technology, which presents a super gentle, smooth and extra soft low temperature wax. Excellent for the most professional and virtually painless experience!

So Berry

A vibrant pink, super creamy and flexible wax with Lycon’s latest, unique titanium dioxide technology containing vanilla extract. Amazingly gentle, excellent for sensitive areas and perfect for Brazilian waxing!


Super creamy, vanilla scented and ultra gentle with Lycon’s unique titanium dioxide technology, perfect for sensitive skin. Smells delicious!

Themed Waxing Rooms

Chocolate Bar Room

The room that everyone is talking about! Once you unwrap yourself in this room it’s an experience you will never forget!

Relaxing Lavender Room

This room is a relaxing, tranquil experience that will have you forgetting your worries and unwinding.

Bounty Room

A touch of paradise! Using our famous chocolate wax and coconut wax.

So-Berry Delicious Room

This room will leave you craving for Strawberries ‘n’ cream. It gets more scrumptious by the minute!

The Spoilt Room

When she wants it all!
This exciting room contains all flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, So-Berry and coconut. If the decision is too hard this is the perfect room so you can try them all!

Hot Wax

Lycon Hot Wax is set at a low temperature, it shrink wraps and removes hair as short as 1mm and is virtually pain-free. All Lycon hot waxes are the same base formula with the addition of different aromatherapy ingredients. Should there be difficult or stubborn hair growth to remove: all Lycon hot waxes can be reapplied on the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without skin trauma or irritation in those sensitive parts of the body. A list of celebrities including Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham have become devout fans of Lycon waxing treatments.

Strip Wax

Lycon’s famous and super gentle strip waxes contain a few surprises – speedy application, extra strong grip, no skin drag and no sticky residue. With a special blend of natural ingredients and soothing aromatherapy oils. The Lycon strip and wax application is exceedingly thin, so very little wax is used per treatment. 

Waxing Menu

Our therapists are trained to the highest of standards. They will recommend the most suitable wax, pre/post oils and lotions for your skin and hair type. Ensuring they provide you with hygienic, fast, effective and virtually ‘pain free’ waxing treatment.

Important: Waxing is not available for those using Roaccutane or Accutane, it is advisable to refrain for 3 months after completing the course of medication.

Strip Wax 

Specialised waxing.

Hollywood (15mins) £22
Brazilian (15mins) £22
G-String (15mins) £22
British Wax (15mins) £12
Under Arm Wax £10
Full Leg Wax £20
Thigh Wax £17
Half Leg Wax £15
Full Arm Wax £17
Half Arm Wax £12.50

Hot Wax

Specialised waxing for those sensitive areas.

Hollywood Wax
The full monty, everything is taken off.

Brazilian Wax
Removes all the hair from underneath and leaves only a strip in front.
(Hair is also removed between the buttocks).

G-String Wax
Same as basic bikini area however the top is taken higher, and some hair removed underneath.


Basic Bikini Wax
Hair is removed from the top and sides of the bikini area.
Underarm Hot Wax £12
Lip Hot Wax £9
Chin Hot Wax £9
Lip & Chin Hot Wax combo £15
Full Face Hot Wax £25

Face Waxing 

Lip Wax £7
Chin Wax £7.50
Lip & Chin Wax Combo £11
Face Wax £18
Nose Wax £7.50

Face Threading

Eyebrow Threading £11
Lip Thread £10
Chin Thread £10
Lip & Chin Thread Combo  £15
Face Threading £25

Waxing Packages


(45 mins)


(30 mins)